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The Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory (NDRL) is the premier research laboratory in the United States for radiation chemistry, the study of chemical reactions induced by ionizing radiation. A unique array of instrumentation coupled with extensive in-house experimental and theoretical expertise makes the NDRL a world-renowned center in this field.

Postdoctoral Openings
The NDRL often has openings at the postdoctoral level for training in the areas of research that are actively pursued in the Laboratory. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the appropriate  faculty member directly or the NDRL Director

Graduate Students
Research conducted at the NDRL can be credited towards an advanced degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, and other disciplines. Graduate students who wish to perform research towards a degree should contact any of the NDRL faculty, the appropriate faculty member in the University department or the NDRL Director

Undergraduate Research
Opportunities for undergraduate research are also available in the Laboratory. Those interested should contact the appropriate  faculty member directly. The NDRL is also a site for cooperative learning and career development programs from Canadian Universities and for students funded by the NSF REU programs

Facility Use
The NDRL makes certain facilities available free of charge to scientists from across the world. Usage is welcomed either in a Collaborative mode or in a User mode. Those wishing to collaborate can contact directly the appropriate NDRL faculty member and arrange their collaboration. Those wishing to merely use the facilities should contact the NDRL Director



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Chemical Sciences
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Basic Energy Sciences
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