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The Radiation Chemistry Data Center (RCDC) at the Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory provides access to critically-evaluated numerical chemical property data such as reaction rates,  reduction potentials, and radiation chemical yields abstracted from the primary radiation chemistry and quantitative photochemistry literature.

The RCDC has long provided key services to the radiation chemistry community on two distinct but inter-related fronts. The original purpose was to gather, compile and evaluate key radiation chemical data such as product yields, reaction rates, reduction potentials etc. from a far-flung literature. To support this data compilation, a bibliographic database was established at Notre Dame and, somewhat later, biweekly updates were published from this bibliographic resource as a current awareness service to the community. Operations were subsequently extended to cover the literature on quantitative photochemistry.

In recent years the bibliographic component of the RCDC activity has been largely superceded by the widespread availability of many modern electronic literature-search products.

Given limited in-house resources, it was also decided last year to transition from the data accumulation phase of the RCDC operation. The previously-compiled databases have been frozen in place.

Of course, these valuable assets will be maintained locally in their current form and access to outside users will continue to be provided. Temporarily, access to the solution kinetic data is available through NIST.



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